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Be on the lookout for canine lipomas

Being a responsible pet owner means taking various steps to ensure the health and well-being of a companion animal. Providing food and...

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Things to consider when choosing a veterinarian

Pet owners must make a bevy of decisions regarding their pets. What to feed their animals, how often to exercise them and how to curtail...

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Did you know?

Many of the unsavory behaviors associated with pet parrots are not inherent to the bird but are learned reactions that result from...

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Best breeds for first-time dog owners

Deciding to get a dog can be a life-altering moment. While the decision carries with it a wealth of responsibility, a dog can change a...

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Age equivalents for cats and dogs

Cat and dog owners know that the responsibility of caring for their favorite felines and preferred pooches changes as those animals age....

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5 tips to keep pet hair messes at bay

Pets offer families many things, including love and companionship. But people who prefer especially furry pets often find these animals...

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