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Pet Assortment

Age equivalents for cats and dogs

Cat and dog owners know that the responsibility of caring for their favorite felines and preferred pooches changes as those animals age....

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5 tips to keep pet hair messes at bay

Pets offer families many things, including love and companionship. But people who prefer especially furry pets often find these animals...

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Prevent litter box problems

Cats make great companion animals, as they're relatively self-sufficient and do not require large backyards in which to exercise. Cats can...

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How to name a new pet

The decision to get a pet is not one to take lightly. Animals can bring great joy into a person's life, but they also are a large...

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Establish a low-maintenance aquarium

Fish are often the pet of choice when people desire a pet that requires minimal care. While home aquariums may not require substantial...

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Uncovering the mysteries of mixed-breed dogs

Welcoming a pet into a home can be a joyous event. Companion animals have a way of assimilating into a family rather quickly. Some...

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Did you know?

Feral cats and stray cats are not one and the same. Feral cats are those born and raised in the wild, or those cats that have been...

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