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Northcoast Medical Training Academy

Graduates enjoy excellent placement rates in good paying, interesting jobs

If you're looking to improve your life by taking up a career in medicine or veterinary science, Northcoast Medical Training Academy can speed you on your way.

In less than a year's time, Northcoast teaches you Clinical skills for State Licensure or Certification in the medical field.

Northcoast can prepare you for a career in Practical Nursing, as a Medical Assistant, a Veterinary Assistant and massage therapy, and Phlebotomy or the drawing of blood and handling blood samples.

For most programs that are related to the medical field and the veterinary field too, students must pass State Certifications and/or National Examination.

With placement rates for its graduates approaching and sometimes exceeding 85 percent, enrolling and training at Northcoast Medical Training Academy has during its 12 years successfully helped hundreds from the ages of 18 to 70 enter careers that offer much promise.

When Tim Lunge and his wife, Christy, founded Northcoast Medical Training Academy in 2003, they decided to focus on training for careers in medicine and veterinary science because both are growing sectors of the economy and provide good paying jobs.

"Let's face it," Lunge said, "the over 50 population of the United States is the fast growing part of our population.  They'll need qualified people in medicine and we're good at training them."

Veterinary assistants, he added, are being sought for animal clinics, humane organizations dedicated to the improvement of lives of domestic animals, and kennels.

Graduates of Northcoast are working in area medical clinics, hospitals, doctor's offices, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and even schools.  They must pass state certification examinations before entering their careers.  Lunge said Northcoast is very good at preparing students for the examinations.

Located on S.R. 59, between Kent and Ravenna, in 21,000 square feet of a building whose major tenant is Gabriel Brothers, Northcoast boasts convenient parking and easy access.

It draws it students from as far north as Ashtabula and as far south as Salem.

The average age of students is 30, which means many of its enrollees are training so they can enter more promising careers.

At Northcoast, students find comfortable, smaller classes in clean, bright surroundings with lots of  interaction with their teachers.

As he walks along a central corridor, Lunge points to classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, student and faculty lounges, a center designated for small animals and veterinary study, and even a center where the art of massage is taught.  Those with diplomas in massage are sought after by spas that have sprung up in Northeast Ohio.

Those training to become veterinary assistants have a dedicated laboratory where they learn to draw blood and create blood slides, perform fecal analysis, learn the safe and proper handling of animals and many other clinical procedures.

Talking about why he is in education, Lunge says he handles the orientation of new students as much as he can because he sincerely wants them to succeed.

"My wife and I are Christians and much of our motivation comes from that.  We do not, however, push our believes on any of our students as we feel hat is a personal matter.  We know their faith is their business," Lunge said, "but our faith ensures we treat all students with respect and caring as all schools should do."

He said he became interested in medicine partly because of some health issues one of his two sons had to confront.

"He's overcome most of that and is able to function very well," he said.

Northcoast, he said, does give back to the community,  by sponsoring charities like Relay for Life.

"We're part of the community and there are very few charities we have not helped over the years," he said.

He does take pride in securing good financial aid packages for the students, who might not otherwise be able to afford a change of careers.

"We are able to tap federal funds from the U.S. Department of Education and we're good at securing long-term loans at excellent rates," he said.  "Our students are able to see they can afford the good educational experiences we can provide that help them get better paying jobs in careers of their choice.

Many of his students, having received their diplomas and gained employment, find they like their new careers and go on to further their education and qualifications.

All courses in nursing at Northcoast  are taught by Registered Nurses.  Graduates of the program become Licensed Practical Nurses.  Many of them, he said, have gone on to further study at accredited institutions and become Registered Nurses also.

The Accrediting Commission (ACCSC) and the State Career Colleges Board of Ohio accredit and approve the Academy, as well as oversee the  school's educational quality.

The word in post high school education is that nearly every American will change jobs four or five times and even whole careers during one's lifetime.

For those who want to change and get into aspects of medicine or veterinary science, Northcoast Medical Academy may be the best place to start.

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